Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join in, but I’ll be spending Christmas with friends or family. Can I still send in a photo?
Please respect the fact that this project has been set up specifically for those of us who are alone at Christmas.
I’m not in the UK. Can I send in a photo?
This project is only open to people spending Christmas in the UK – sorry!
How many photos can I submit?
Please don’t send us every snap you take! To avoid the site becoming overloaded – and keep it looking beautiful – please send in only the very, very best of your photos. We would suggest a maximum of three on each of the three days.
Do I have to use a proper camera?
Goodness no – phone cameras are fine. But do take time and care over your captures, whatever you’re using. It’s the creativity you bring to it that helps and heals.
Do the images have to be a particular size or shape?
No. Landscape, portrait or square are fine; and they’ll be automatically resized.
Is there a prize?
The photos won’t be judged, and there is no prize. The project simply charts a moment of shared, solitary attentiveness amid all the intensity of Christmas.
Can I send in a photo I took a while ago?
Please don’t! We want to see what the UK looks like across these three specific days.
Do I have to give up copyright in my photo?
Absolutely not. If we receive any inquiries about any of them we’ll pass them on to you, assuming you’ve given us your email address.
Can I send in selfies, or photos of my Christmas tree, or my dinner?
Yes! If you don’t manage to get outdoors, show us your trees, your dinner, yourselves!
Who can see the images that have been submitted this Christmas?
Anyone who visits the website – and you can share images to your social media accounts using the relevant buttons. They’ll stay up well into 2022.